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Continue to Speak to Me – Alfredo M. Bonanno


Facing the understanding of oneself and others, unsuspected aspects of awareness are frequently discovered. When we approach a problem about which we know little or a person whom we have never met before, we feel a sense of panic (or of pleasure, a subtle difference that is never completely clear). Will we manage to get […]

A Eulogy to Opinion by Alfredo M. Bonanno


Opinion is a vast merchandise that everyone possesses and uses. Its production involves a large portion of the economy, and its consumption takes up much of people’s time. Its main characteristic is clarity.

A Yellow Rose by Alfredo M. Bonanno


But have we truly finished interpreting the world? I did not realize that anyone was transforming it. The absolutely “other” event does not stand out on the horizon, whereas the mechanisms of the market are organizing themselves on the old codes and reproduce themselves, justifying poverty and wealth, the absurd polarizations of “the world goes […]

The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism


Interview with anarchist comrade Jean Weir (Elephant Editions)


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Nietzsche was an anarchist!


Reconstructing Emma Goldman’s lectures over Nietzsche – Leigh Starcross

Max Stirner: the anarchist every ideologist loves to hate


Max Stirner (pseudonym for an early European Anarchist and Johann Caspar Schmidt) is best known as a central figure in the dissolution of the post-Hegelian philosophical milieu during the years leading up to the Prussian Revolution (and wider revolutionary events) of 1848. Born in 1806, he went to universities in an education system dominated by […]